We have arranged for housing to be arranged in a newly built "prototype house" on the corner of Wesleyan's campus; the house has 15 single rooms as well as kitchens and ample common space. Each room has cable and internet hookups (as well as wireless internet coverage), and laundry facilities are close by. We will do our best to help out with those who would prefer a different living arrangement.


The NEH provides participants with a stipend of $4200.00. This stipend is meant to help cover the costs of travel, housing, and meals; many people will find this amount ample. Anyone who anticipates that the stipend will not cover all costs is encouraged to apply for support from his or her home institution.

Participants who elect to take advantage of the housing provided by Wesleyan will (with written permission) have the sum of $1340 deducted and submitted to the University on their behalf. One-half of the remaining stipend will be distributed to participants at the first meeting. The second half of the stipend will be distributed at the beginning of the fourth week. Participants will need to make their own travel arrangements.

Seminar participants are required to attend all meetings and to engage fully in the work of the project. During the project's tenure, they may not undertake teaching assignments or any other professional activities unrelated to their participation in the project. Participants who, for any reason, do not complete the full tenure of the project must refund a pro-rata portion of the stipend.

At the end of the project's residential period, participants will be asked to submit on-line evaluations in which they review their work during the summer and assess its value to their personal and professional development. These evaluations will become part of the project's grant file and may become part of an application to repeat the seminar.

Beijing Conference

Details are still being worked out, but all participants in the seminar will be encouraged to submit papers to the conference in Beijing on Confucianism and Virtue Ethics that the seminar's directors are planning for spring or summer, 2009. All seminar participants who give papers at the conference will be eligible for significant financial support to defray expenses associated with the conference.

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